many tiny worlds

Smol Home

My little 500 sq. ft. house that I designed in 2015 and oversaw the construction of in 2016. It uses highly insulating SIPs (structural insulated panels) instead of traditional framing, an induction cooktop and on-demand water heater to reduce energy usage, and has large double-pane windows (from Euroclime) that oversee my berry garden. Built by the fantastic Abode Builders.


An installation for the 2014 Seattle Design Festival. I was part of the volunteer design team, that collaborated with JTM Construction and Momentia. Our goal was to create a calm retreat to display artwork by dementia patients and represent the journey of Alzheimer’s. We developed a contemplative space filled plants, art, and light, with varying types of perforation throughout. Some gaps were big enough to walk through, others just enough to see in or out, and still others open only to the sky. (Photos by Trevor Dykstra.)

Urban Wonder

Wonder is the delight of beholding something unexpected and extraordinary. It is also the subject of my master's thesis in landscape architecture. In it, I propose a series of urban interventions embedded into the city’s fabric, enhancing our sense of connectedness and our awareness of the wider universe and our small and interdependent position within it.

Check it out here.

Urban Reforestation

A RISD studio collaboration between myself and Mickey Rockafellar. We sought sustainable, low-tech solutions for human waste management in the tropics, after visiting Martina Bustos, an immigrant barrio in Costa Rica, to do research. We developed models for public-use greywater gardens to grow food, latrines that grows trees in the resulting compost, and ways to extend these ideas for use in middle-income, pre-fab housing projects.


Joining the borders of San Diego and Tijuana, this playful park brings diverse communities together to share their stories in a carnival-like place where the status quo is suspended and new realities can be imagined. Paths from each side never connect, but still allow both sides to interact. Developed for a RISD studio class.

Seed School

As part of a RISD studio where we designed a low-tech sustainable school for the tropics, I created a shelter that uses recycled plastic bottles to capture sun and create extraordinary learning environments with a play of light and color. A second studio expanded on our studio's ideas and built a prototype of the school at EARTH University. Some of my themes of light made it through! (Photo of the prototype school by Jin.)

Light Chimes

My submission for Blurred Boundaries: Finding Connections in a World of Opposites, the 2013 landscape architecture grad student exhibition in the Sol Koffler Gallery. Hanging translucent tubes, shifting slightly in the flow of air, channel light down their lengths. Quiet and understated, the piece is not meant to be observed so much as experienced. Walking among the chimes, you shift attention from the moving spots of concentrated glow above to the dappled patterns on the floor below. Materials: Paper, tape, fishing line.