many tiny worlds


A tiny game engine that lets you make tiny game worlds. Inspired by Bitsy, this web-based game editor is mobile-friendly and requires no programming. The goal of môsi is to make it intuitive and fun to 'sketch' interactive game worlds, even on the go.

Play with it here.


A tiny music generator that creates random ambient music. Each row is a track/voice, which has some properties you can modify. The notes they play will change over time at random, and you can also change what scale the whole piece uses.

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A palette generator that creates random palettes, lets you choose the ones you like best, and creates similar palettes using a genetic algorithm.

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Explore an infinite universe and befriend aliens. The universe is procedurally generated sector by sector from a shared seed, so different players who go to the same sector will see the same stars, planets, and aliens. Mind your fuel though - if you start running low, you'll have to get help from those aliens, so it's always good to make some friends along the way. Each alien species has its own personality, but they all seem to like the flowers that grow on certain planets.

Play it here.


A nonogram (aka picross) puzzle game. Based on discrete tomography (thus the name!), this type of puzzle requires you to deduce the positions of pixels on a grid based on hints about sequences of consecutive pixels. Often the finished puzzles reveal pictures, but this version instead generates random puzzles so you never out - and has colorful gradients to give it an aesthetic kick.

Play it here.

Stars Below

Featured in Cliqist!

Inspired by phosphorescence in the ocean waves, bioluminescent glow worms in New Zealand caves, and the gestures of stars in of the Milky Way. A short atmospheric game made for the Bitsy Midnight Jam.

Play it here.

A Moth Agent

Featured in Paste!

Moths, dreams, mysteries, and darkness. A tiny game about the strange feeling of twilight and the moths that come out at night. Made for the Bitsy Moth Jam.

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The Milk and Mitten

Featured on the Bitsy Mixtape!

A tiny cafe-simulator made for the Bitsy Snow Jam. Even when the weather is bleak, the Milk and Mitten is always open! Enjoy virtual warm drinks and good company.

Play it here.


Grow trees, collect their seeds, and reach the sun. This platformer uses L-Systems to generate random trees, which you can selectively propogate to increase the biodiversity of your vertical forest or select for strange branching patterns.

Download it here.


Conquer a tiny universe! Control a spore colony as you compete for control of planets. A real-time strategy game where you manage your colony as a whole instead of individual units, shifting the likelihood that your spores will attack, breed, or explore. You'll need to keep these settings in flux as your colony encounters enemy spores with their own survival strategies in order to win.

Download it here.

Automata Assemble!

Run Conway's Game of Life and other two-dimensional cellular automata in your browser. Features a selection of interesting pre-made rulesets as well as the ability to make your own, and uses color-coding to show the age of each cell.

Play it here.


Explore a dreamworld in this melancholic platformer featuring procedurally-generated caverns and flocks of strange creatures. Collect blue stones to gain powerful jumping abilities and progress through the dream.

Play it here.

Pailer Air

A project that extends the short story of A Pail of Air by Fritz Leiber into a dystopian world of darkness, snow, and secrets. It consists of a Twine text adventure and a series of images depicting the world, its characters, and its propoganda.

Play it here.


A small Zelda-like made for the Low Rez Game Jam. Use your handy spear to fight off ghosts, and explore the secrets of the labyrinthine cave. Will it someday expand to be a more complete game, with characters and a plot? Stay tuned...

Play it here.