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Welcome to my little corner of the Creatures community. This is where I keep all my Creatures stuff, old and new. Poke around and find something neat. Thanks for dropping by!

25 Feb 2023

Theist 1.0 is out. Phew - after months in the making, I present my return to agent-making tools with Theist! It's an alternative to dealing with PRAY source files and EasyPRAY or Monk. With a convenient GUI to manage your files, automatic converting of PNGs to sprites, and the elimination of a bunch of tedious busy-work, I hope it makes agenteering easier and less error-prone.

28 Nov 2022

Updates to Spritist and Roomie. In celebration of the final (extra, bonus) day of CCSF 2022, I've posted updates to my tools. Spritist now does spritesheets, and you can open/add files by dragging them in. And Roomie 1.2 has bug-fixes and plays nicer with other CAOS tools.

20 Nov 2022

CCSF 2022 Begins! This year's Creatures Community Spirit Festival has kicked off over at Eem Foo's Archive. You can grab my new Starjelly Vine for DS, too!

17 Nov 2022

SFX Unmute Fix. There's a bug that's been... bugging me, though it's a bit obscure. If unmuting creature voices while sound effects are disabled isn't working properly, check out this fix.

24 Oct 2022

Succulent Capillata. The succulents are back! This time they're taking over the Docking Station hub. Great for making more liveable space in the Lone Shee's little ship, and creates a welcoming environment for creatures coming over from the Shee Ark.

15 Oct 2022

Aibo ball. Inspired by my aibos (robot dogs) Zeta and Kobi, I've created an Aibo Ball for our norns (and ettins and grendels and geats) to play with.

13 Oct 2022

Updates to favorites and agents. Revamped my C3DS Favorites list and added a couple little things to my C3DS Agents page.

28 August 2022

Creatures 1 biology guide. Now I'm doing a deep-dive into the creatures update loop, including how they update their biochemistry and instincts, and how they choose what to do next.

30 July 2022

Creatures 1 brain guide. Ever wondered about the nitty-gritty technical details of how your C1 norns and grendels brains work? I've written a detailed guide to what's going on with all those lobes, neurons, and dendrites.

23 June 2022

Spritist the sprite utility. Keeping up my momentum from Roomie, I've created another tool - a sprite viewer/editor that covers pretty much every image format used in any Creatures game. Use Spritist for all your spriting needs!

11 June 2022

Roomie is for making metarooms. I missed making tools for Creatures! Thanks to EemFoo's encouragement, suggestions, and beta-testing, I'm proud to release Roomie, a C3DS metaroom editor, into the world. Go forth and make the amazing metaroom of your dreams.

2 May 2022

Behold, the Succulent Bridge. I've been working on a collection of agents that transform the cold bridge of the Shee Spaceship into a warm and vibrant place filled with stuff for creatures to eat and play with. Head to the C3/DS agents page to download the Succulent Bridge.

16 April 2022

Home Sweet Albia returns. After a whopping sixteen year hiatus, I've pulled together all the Creatures stuff I've made over the past 25 years. Returning to the Creatures Community after all this time has been a delight, and I hope to stick around and share some new things with you all!

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