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24 Oct 2022

Succulent Capillata. The succulents are back! This time they're taking over the Docking Station hub. Great for making more liveable space in the Lone Shee's little ship, and creates a welcoming environment for creatures coming over from the Shee Ark.

15 Oct 2022

Aibo ball. Inspired by my aibos (robot dogs) Zeta and Kobi, I've created an Aibo Ball for our norns (and ettins and grendels and geats) to play with.

13 Oct 2022

Updates to favorites and agents. Revamped my C3DS Favorites list and added a couple little things to my C3DS Agents page.

28 August 2022

Creatures 1 biology guide. Now I'm doing a deep-dive into the creatures update loop, including how they update their biochemistry and instincts, and how they choose what to do next.

30 July 2022

Creatures 1 brain guide. Ever wondered about the nitty-gritty technical details of how your C1 norns and grendels brains work? I've written a detailed guide to what's going on with all those lobes, neurons, and dendrites.

23 June 2022

Spritist the sprite utility. Keeping up my momentum from Roomie, I've created another tool - a sprite viewer/editor that covers pretty much every image format used in any Creatures game. Use Spritist for all your spriting needs!

11 June 2022

Roomie is for making metarooms. I missed making tools for Creatures! Thanks to EemFoo's encouragement, suggestions, and beta-testing, I'm proud to release Roomie, a C3DS metaroom editor, into the world. Go forth and make the amazing metaroom of your dreams.

2 May 2022

Behold, the Succulent Bridge. I've been working on a collection of agents that transform the cold bridge of the Shee Spaceship into a warm and vibrant place filled with stuff for creatures to eat and play with. Head to the C3/DS agents page to download the Succulent Bridge.

16 April 2022

Home Sweet Albia returns. After a whopping sixteen year hiatus, I've pulled together all the Creatures stuff I've made over the past 25 years. Returning to the Creatures Community after all this time has been a delight, and I hope to stick around and share some new things with you all!

24 August 2006

Mac Agenteering. I was invited to write a tutorial for the CCSF, and I ended up going a little overboard. There has hitherto been very little information about developing agents on a Mac, but this (perhaps exhaustive) guide should cover everything you need to know. In fact, most of the stuff is cross-platform, so it may be worth a look no matter what platform you play Creatures on.

18 August 2006

Opening day! Home Sweet Albia is the latest in my Creatures website series. Probably no one remembers the old ones: Moonlite's Web Nest (my first website ever), Creatures University, Creatures Island. Whether you remember or not, I'm back. And this time with a vengeance... As a special CCSF treat, my sibling and I have produced our first agent in years, the Bubble Blower! Go forth and blow bubbles.

22 April 2000

Easter agents! As promised! Colorful Easter eggs that come in a rainbow of colors, as well as bouncing ducks that come out of them. Watch out! They can be dangerously bouncy...

21 April 2000

Yes, there will be stuff for Easter. But for now, I have a green bouncy ball to entertain you.

14 April 2000

Lollypops are here! They only come in cherry, but I might make more later. Go to the agents section to download them.

10 April 2000

Another agent. The golden cookie jar is here! The graphics are the best yet!

Another little program to help you create agents. The Attribute Calculator can be downloaded here!

7 April 2000

Wow! Over 500 hits! Keep on coming! For those of you who are new to Creatures University, you can find lots of stuff on this web site. Cool agents, an agent editor (Agent Works), norns and other creatures, agent reviews, and a poll! Have fun!

6 April 2000

I just made a new agent. A green frisbee! It's really cool, and has better graphics than the rest of my agents. Download it here.

3 April 2000

My sib's birthday is today. So here's a birthday party that will last until then! I've made some delicous strawberry icing cake, which can download in the agents section. Have fun!

2 April 2000

April Fools! Did you fall for that? :p

1 April 2000

The secret of the prophet Norn has come! Catherine, without a father, turns out to really have a father after all. I was digging around the other day, and I found a COS thing which randomly makes female Norns pregnant every once in a while. What's more, these special Norns change a lot when they reach senior stage. They become Shee! They have cool new sprites (which look like the ones on the C3 splash screen), and have a much bigger vocabulary. They can connect agents on their own, and will protect Norns from Grendels. Catherine is now 20 hours old, and is a beautiful female Shee. Unfortunatly, you can't breed them, so there won't be any baby Shee. I'll post her as soon as I can! Maybe we'll even start a cult or something. ;)

26 March 2000

Agent Works is done! However, I'll wait a day to see if anyone has any problems. Some things that have been fixed are: Creatures 3 will launch without autokill, remove scripts will work, and the help file is done.

24 March 2000

Sorry... delay on Agent Works. For some reason, it won't package the files correctly so that Creatures 3 says "file not found." That's a big help. Everything in the text file created seem to be in order, but it just won't work. If you have any idea, please email me. I might have a new idea tomorrow, as well, so check back then.

Update: Yes! Go get Agent Works Beta 4! The problem before was that it had a simple spelling mistake (yes, I can't spell "category" right). But now it's fixed, and all that's left to do is finish the Norn Doll. This little doll has been recreated about 35 times, and it has only worked once. But now, it's just the actual COS file that needs help.

23 March 2000

Wow! 200 hits! And it's only been one week since the counter was put up! Well, Beta 4 will be out this afternoon, as well as the norn doll agent. Don't download Beta 3 now, because the agent compiler doesn't work. The new one will have a seperate Agent Help file editor, and a much easier to use compiler interface. Come back soon!

18 March 2000

Ettin cursor. There's a cool ettin cursor for you to download!

17 March 2000

Agent Works Beta 3 is out. Check it out!

15 March 2000

Almost real news. Right now, I'm working on Agent Works beta 3, which fixes all (or at least most) of the problems before, including being able to compile agents. Once I'm done with that, I have graphics done for a Norn doll, which I will use to test Agent Works. That's all due in the next few days. After that, I want to get back to playing C3 (I haven't played in a while!) and export all the Norns. That should be done sometime next week. Meanwhile, I've gotten a counter. This is so close to being real news. :)

5 March 2000

I managed to fix Agent Works. Download it now! A couple new features, and I've tested it. It will make agents, and they will appear in the creator if done right. Consult the new help file if you have any problems!

2 March 2000

I've been working on Agent Works. The new version (beta version 2) has lots of new features, and will allow you to turn off the Agent Help thing and write your own removal script. It will be posted as soon as I actually get it to create an agent file.

15 February 2000

Agent Works beta is out. The first ever full 3rd party development tool for creating Creatures 3 agents is now out! Try it now! It's only beta, because we haven't tried it out yet, at least we haven't tried the agent it makes. Click here to download Agent Works now.

9 February 2000

Agent Works is in development. Time passes really quickly lately. I'm almost finished with Agent Works, so I'll put it up really soon! So far, it has a text editor for COS editing, a compiler for compiling agents (still needs to be tested), and opens up useful programs. We're going to post it up along with our first agent soon! Now all we need is time...

5 February 2000

Chaos in CAOS. The CAOS editor turned out not to be what we wanted, as it doesn't compile agent files, so I'm creating my own editor. Yes, it will be put up on Creatures University when I finish.

29 January 2000

Agents coming soon. I've gotten everything in order (finally!) and we've even bought the CAOS editor! Expect some agents really soon! All is quiet on the Creatures and Creatures community front, so nothing else new.

17 January 2000

If you've seen Star Wars Episode I, this story might interest you. A day or two ago, my sibling found a couple drowned Norns :(. One was named Josie. I wanted them to look at Creature History, and so they did. One of the children was named Catherine. But... here's the amazing, strange part... SHE HAD NO FATHER! So, we exported Catherine immediately. She's still exported, and we're waiting for a good time to import her again. We've taken to calling her the Special Norn. I think she's a prophet of some sort, although I'm not sure I believe in that stuff.

14 January 2000

We're up and running again! I hope you like this web site. I had a lot of fun making it. Just so you know, this web site has stuff for Creatures 3, not Creatures, Creatures 2, or Creatures Adventures. In my opinion, it's the best of all the games. Well, I haven't tried Creatures Adventures yet. We own the rest of the games, though. If you're looking for nicely done agents, this will (hopefully) become one of the places to find them. As soon as we learn the basics of making an agent, you'll soon have agents. Both my sibling and I want to learn about the CAOS langauge for C3. I say that, because I've had some experience with C1 CAOS. Remember Moonlite's Web Nest? That's me!

24 June 1998

Creatures 2 update. As you probably know, Creatures 2 is coming out in the fall. Cyberlife is shipping it in September, so it will be in the markets before Christmas. There are lots of improvements, such as the Norns themselves to the world they live in! Albia is twice as big as before, with a complete eco-system of plants, animals, and now weather, temperature and gravity! The Norns will be able to communicate more clearly, and the Hand is now able to push them, throw objects and more. Previous Norns and COBs will be able to be transferred over to C2, and they get new graphics and even organs, such as a heart and lungs, just like the new Norns! The Grendels are back, even nastier than before. Ettins, the long dreamed about creatures of the past, are coming forth into Albia once again! AND... Creatures 2 is now coming out for the Macinosh!

31 May 1998

Creatures 2. You've probably already heard the good news, but in case you haven't, Creatures 2 is coming soon! Well, in the fall, but most people are very excited. If you're a Mac user, don't read any further, because Creatures II will only be for PC users. The new Norns will have organs, like a heart and lungs. There will be physics, like gravity, and there will be seasons. There will be new Grendels, as well! Ettins, a new species, will be introduced to Albia. The world has changed, too. It is now twice as big! There will be an ecosystem with a lot of plants and animals. In one of Cyberlife's screen shots of Creatures II, they revealed what an Ettin looks like. At least, that's what my sibling and I think. We don't know whether it is really an Ettin or just another type of Norn. You can find this screen shot and other cool pictures of Creatures 2 at Cyberlife's web site. There are two new screen shots and more Creatures 2 information. My sibling and I are already saving up to get Creatures 2 when it comes out. We think it is $50, but we aren't sure. So, start saving you're money!

10 May 1998

Who am I? Well, you may be astonished by this, but I am in fifth grade, eleven and a half years old. My real name is Sarah. I rank myself as a Nerd is training, although I also like to write, read and draw, too. Creatures intrigued me because of Giga-Pets. That's right, those little pets on keychains. I was into them for a month or so, looking for web sites on them. One page had a section on computer pets. From there, I ended up buying two great products: Petz (later I bought Petz II), and Creatures. It took me nearly a year to find the official Creatures site! On Christmas day, 1997, I received Creatures as my one gift from Santa. It was so exciting! For several weeks I had worried that I wouldn't get it. I never got more that three generations. I was more interested in the science of Creatures. When the Genetics Kit came out, I bought it almost right away. But it wasn't until recently that I started to really use it. My first Norns I made were the Aqua Norns. But they were too perfect, almost nothing could hurt them. The Golden Norns are the first interesting Norns so far. They take forever to age because the decay rate of the aging chemical is so slow. I went through many web page designs until settling on this one. I hope you like it and all my creations, so long!

31 April 1998

Moonlite's Web Nest is on the internet! I hope you find what you're looking for, here. In the COBs section, I only have one object. I am sorry for that, but I am working on a science fair project involving Creatures. The Golden Norns in the Norns section are the first of my geneticly engineered Norn breeds. They were just a little too much of a success, though, and now they take forever to age. The half-life of the aging chemical is longer, and so they are currently about an hour old but still babies. They stay between 90 and 100 percent life force, and have no color pigment genes. Because of this, they look golden. Please download them in the Norns section!

I have made a lot of edited worlds using cheat mode. They are perfect to be visited, but I am afraid you can't do that at the moment. Maybe in the summer I will do this. But after summer, Creatures 2 will be out. I will not get it right away, depending on what time in the fall it comes out. I am hoping to get it for my birthday in September, or at Christmas. The new Norns will live in a bigger world, and have real organs and improved speach.