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Welcome to my little corner of the Creatures community. This is where I keep all my Creatures stuff, old and new. Poke around and find something neat. Thanks for dropping by!

2 Apr 2024

New Favorites. CCSF 2023 brought with it some of my favorite-ever agents. Now that they have EemFoo Archive pages, I've updated my Favorite C3DS Agents list!

30 Mar 2024

Theist 2.0 and Spritist 2.2.0. Now you can preview and export sprites, scripts, and catalogue files in Theist, and multi-select files in Spritist's Insert Image file picker.

23 Mar 2024

C3DS Community Edition on Linux. Now that lisdude's amazing work on the Creatures Community Editions has come to the Linux-native SDL version of the C3DS engine, I got 20kdc's (extensive) help getting it set up on my machine. Here's how I did it!

14 Feb 2024

Theist 2.0 Beta. Happy valentine's day! To celebrate I've released a new version of Theist and updated the accompanying agenteering guide. It's still in beta, so please let me know about any bugs or feedback.

13 Dec 2023

Succulent Bridge 1.3. This mhas been broken for ages and I didn't realize it - it was only injecting the background images! Now it's fixed, plus fruits now fall to the ground on their own for easy access, and the small succulents will only grow on the Bridge (or well-drained soil).

1 Dec 2023

CCSF 2023. Head to EemFoo's Archive for two weeks of amazing releases, events, and EemFoo's famous scavenger hunt!

28 Nov 2023

Spritist 2.0 is out. It's been rewritten in a new framework, introducing new features and spreading to MacOS and Linux. Sprite time for everyone!

13 May 2023

Agenteering guide. Remember my ancient agenteering guide? Well, I've rewritten it to use Theist, refreshed sprites and script, and update links and recommendations. Go forth make some agents!

25 Feb 2023

Theist 1.0 is out. Phew - after months in the making, I present my return to agent-making tools with Theist! It's an alternative to dealing with PRAY source files and EasyPRAY or Monk. With a convenient GUI to manage your files, automatic converting of PNGs to sprites, and the elimination of a bunch of tedious busy-work, I hope it makes agenteering easier and less error-prone.

28 Nov 2022

Updates to Spritist and Roomie. In celebration of the final (extra, bonus) day of CCSF 2022, I've posted updates to my tools. Spritist now does spritesheets, and you can open/add files by dragging them in. And Roomie 1.2 has bug-fixes and plays nicer with other CAOS tools.

20 Nov 2022

CCSF 2022 Begins! This year's Creatures Community Spirit Festival has kicked off over at Eem Foo's Archive. You can grab my new Starjelly Vine for DS, too!

17 Nov 2022

SFX Unmute Fix. There's a bug that's been... bugging me, though it's a bit obscure. If unmuting creature voices while sound effects are disabled isn't working properly, check out this fix.

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