Home Sweet Albia

Welcome to Home Sweet Albia! This is the spot for Creatures downloads from Sarah and Max. We've been lurkers of the community since 1998. But clearly we have not been lazy...

24 Aug 2006

Mac Agenteering. I was invited to write a tutorial for the CCSF, and I ended up going a little overboard. There has hitherto been very little information about developing agents on a Mac, but this (perhaps exhaustive) guide should cover everything you need to know. In fact, most of the stuff is cross-platform, so it may be worth a look no matter what platform you play Creatures on. || SARAH

18 Aug 2006

Opening day! Home Sweet Albia is the latest in my Creatures website series. Probably no one remembers the old ones: Moonlite's Web Nest (my first website ever), Creatures University, Creatures Island. Whether you remember or not, I'm back. And this time with a vengeance... I mean, my brother Max. As a special CCSF treat, we have produced our first agent in years, the Bubble Blower! Go forth and blow bubbles. || SARAH