many tiny worlds

person with buzzed hair and glasses wearing a pleather jacket, black jeans, and black sneakers, sitting on a red chair in a clearing in the woods

SG is a multi-disciplinary designer and maker of games, tools, and interactive art.

They have a bachelor's degree in linguistics and a masters in landscape architecture, and has worked as a freelance web developer and graphic designer, a designer at two different landscape architecture firms, a full-stack developer at a tech startup making an end-user programming tool, and a user experience designer at a AAA game studio.

They're also passionate about LGBTQIA+ rights and representation, and have helped organize and present seminars, panels, and social events with the queer community at their workplace. They were even co-lead of their company's Pride Campaign in 2021.

Mostly, though, they spend their time reading about robots, taking walks while listening to podcasts, playing ttrpgs and drawing fan art for them, and more recently, learning the ukulele.

They can only be lured out with the promise of vegan treats.