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Story Catcher

Story catcher sequence

Remember making origami fortune tellers or cootie catchers as a kid? No? Well, now you can create procedurally-generated prose-poetry in the vein of Dark Souls or Jack Vance using a similar technique. I call it… the Story Catcher.

Print out and cut out the template, fold it up, and grab a friend. I originally created it as an anniversary gift for my beau, so a loved one will do nicely.

Or sit alone in a shadowy corner during twilight. That would fit the mood perfectly.

Hold all four corners closed and pick a number between one and four. Read aloud the designated quadrant, opening the story catcher in alternating directions with each word you speak.

Upon reading the final word in the phrase, keep holding the Catcher to reveal only the four inner quadrants you landed on. Choose another number between one and four, and continue opening it in alternating directions, this time reading the appropriate inner quadrant.

Now you’ve landed on another set of inner quadrants. Repeat the previous step.

Choose one final number between one and four and open the inner flap. Read the final phrase that you find therein. Bask in the melancholy.

(You can also play with the generator in a less analogue way with this JSBin.)

Story Catcher

Story catcher top

Story catcher unfolded