many tiny worlds

Noah the Narwhal

Noah the Narwhal has good days, when he is productive and social, and pain days, when he needs to rest. His friends and family can find it difficult to handle the unpredictability, but in the end they realize that having Noah in their lives is absolutely worth it!​ My good friend Judith Klausner asked me to collaborate with her on this absolutely fantastic children's story which she'd written. I did the illustrations and typesetting, and made the art for the tie-in plushies.

Learn more here.


A series of narwhal commissions for some kids who loved Noah the Narwhal.

RPG Character Portraits

Commissions for full-party character portraits for a few of the tabletop roleplaying campaigns I've played in.

Super! An Alternative Romance

A comic book about a super hero, a mad scientist, and a love triangle. (It doesn't go the way you expect.) Written by Thomas Gordanier, concept and illustrations by yours truly.

Download the PDF.

Twelve Days

The story of a kid and their snow-creature.

Read it here.

Foxes and Otters

A re-skin of the board game Legend of Landlock. Done in pen and marker.

Download the game tiles as a PDF.