Getting It DONE

Exterior of house, rear deck

So this sat in my drafts for an eternity because I hadn’t got around to adding the photos I’d taken. But it’s here now. Happy holidays!

It’s painted!

It’s full of rugs!

It has a couch!


Okay, so the OK came in May. Almost exactly a year after getting the permit. It’s taken a while to get settled in, get used to the house being a home and not a construction site.

There is still much going on. My parents, saints that they are, have been visiting every few weeks to help me with my punch list. My dad’s even building a lovely little shed.

I had a housewarming party last weekend. Somehow 16 of us managed to fit in my living room. My friends brought food, drink, several succulents (to accompany the pothos, spider plants, and a citrus tree that currently make up the indoor portion of my garden), and a whole lot of laughter. That many people did overtake my supply of drinking vessels… so I guess you could say my cup runneth over!?

Kitchen counter with plants and kokeshi dolls

Bathroom mirror and Japanese wall hanging

Peak into bedroom, with plushies

Can haz permit

Planting It All Over

Blueberries in the first season

Two months without rain, so I must be the rain instead. I have my yard full of young blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries, black currants, and huckleberries – plus a plum, a magnolia, and two lovely honeylocusts. Fighting the drought and the invasive blackberries is not so bad when it’s so meditative to take care of my new charges. Though… I do look forward to the rain so I can take a break!

Strawberry flower

View through the magnolia

Nandina on deck