Hybrid Design


Sarah Gould is a designer of many things, including games, landscapes, stories, and art. She has grand ambitions to make the world a better place by creating useful things, but she mostly spends her time noodling, doodling, and trying to understand the full weirdness of human beings. When she’s not at work, she can be found tending her blueberry patch at her little house (that she designed!) in a quiet corner of Seattle, WA, or doing some urban hiking on the way to ice cream.


UX & UI design — JavaScript, Axure

Front-end dev — JavaScript, React, Redux, HTML, CSS

Back-end dev — C#, ASP.NET

Interactive design — JavaScript, Lua, Processing, Python

Graphics — Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AutoCAD

Project organization & coordination


Front-End Developer/UX Designer


Jan 2016–present

Design and develop UX for mobile apps and app editor. Lead design and implementation of new editor w/ React. Coordinate with marketing team on website. Assist customers w/ product.



Jul 2015–Dec 2015

Render early designs for clients. Draft final technical documents. Design wayfinding markers and marketing materials. Participate in project planning.

Assistant Project Manager


Jun 2013–Jul 2015

Render illustrative site plans. Draft technical documents. Research code requirements. Design marketing materials. Manage project documentation. Coordinate with contractors.



Mar 2014–Dec 2015

Participate in design development. Research sites and materials. Build physical scale models. Draft technical documents. Design presentation materials. (Part-time position.)


Seattle Design Festival

May–Sep 2014

Collaborate on design and construction of portable, inhabitable, interactive pavilion for Momentia, an organization that celebrates people living with dementia. (Volunteer position.)

Marketing Committee Chair

WASLA/WRPA Joint Conference

Sep 2013–Apr 2014

Design wayfinding maps and marketing materials. Coordinate with conference volunteers and allied organizations. Maintain website and mailing list. (Volunteer position.)

Web Developer/Graphic Designer

Harvard University South Asia Initiative

Jul–Aug 2011

Develop prototype social network with Django. Design marketing materials.


Intern (SvR Design 2012)

Graphic Designer (Born to Run 2012)

Assistant (RISD-EARTH University Partnership 2011-2012)

Project Manager (First Hand Designs 2011)

Web Developer (Wayfinder Experience 2010)

Web Developer (Joie de Vie: Expert Skin Care 2009-2010)

Graphic Designer (Spreading Pleasure 2009)

Graphic Designer (AWAZ Voice for Empowerment 2009)

Use Case & Wiki Documentation (Fern Digital 2006)

Web Developer (Greg Davidson Antiques 2004)

Graphic Designer (US Department of Navy 2004)


Masters in Landscape Architecture

Rhode Island School of Design

Aug 2010-May 2013

Design development, team coordination, site and material research, systems thinking, Adobe CS and AutoCAD.

Masters thesis: creating wonder in urban environments.

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

Reed College

Sep 2005-May 2009

Semiotics, syntax, anthropology, number theory, computer science. Awarded Commendation for Excellence 2005-06, 2006-07, & 2008-09.

Senior thesis: emergent semiotics in humans and bees.

UX Level 2

School of Visual Concepts

Jun 2015

Wireframing, design development, user research, paper prototypes, Axure.

Project: Amish ATM.

Product Design Class

Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano

Jun–Jul 2008

Design development.

Semester Abroad

College Year in Athens

Feb-May 2008

Archaeology, art history, Byzantine architecture, Ancient Greek.

Project: website for class on environmentalism.