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Mac Agenteering

17 Aug 2006
Written by Sarah

This comprehensive tutorial guides you step by step through the creation of agents on the Mac. It includes links to free development tools, and guides you through the process of creating a bubble blower. You don't even have to know CAOS! In fact, (potential) agenteers on other platforms will still find many parts quite useful. Thanks, Malkin, for suggesting I write this!


Tips & Tricks


Sound files (WAV) must be four characters long (no more, no less, and no spaces). Everything else can be however long or short as you like, following normal filename-naming conventions.


All sprites used by a particular agent must be of the same width and height. If you have a vendor, say, then all the vendor's sprites have to be the same size; a fruit produced by the vendor can be a different size, as long as all its sprites are the same. (Note that the vendor and fruit sprites can all live in the same C16 file if they like. The key here is that an agent can't change pose to an image of different dimensions.)