Home Sweet Albia

Agents! Get your agents, here! Unless otherwise notes, these are all compatible with both Creatures 3 and Docking Station. Enjoy!

Bubble Blower

17 Aug 2006
Sprites by Sarah & CAOS by Max
Classifiers no. 16700 & 16701

A fun little toy for your norns. Pick it up or push it, and bubbly bubbles will fill the air. Popping bubbles is great fun as well, and there's not even any soap to get your fingers sticky. Special thanks to RProgrammer for his help.


Mac Exodus Patch

4 Jan 2006
Original by Geat Masta
Modified by Sarah

Let's face it. Kutoka's port of Creatures Exodus stinks. The arrow keys don't even work! But now there's a solution. Just follow the simple instructions in the readme, and you can use those keys to scroll again! It also has two other features: Shift+D toggles picking up norns and Shift+S repeats your last phrase.