I Wish I Were a Bodhisattva

Not Martha’s review of Gluten-Free Girl makes me wish I was more of a Bodhisattva; a person full of loving-kindness with not a judgmental bone in my body. Or at least, imperfect and mortal that we are, someone who would be described that way. But I’m not — not yet.

I am highly sensitive to my environment, to feng shui if you will, and often feel generally aimless or frustrated with the world at large. (Stupid cars!) My small goals are to be less put off by little things — like my ink bottle leaking all over my bag or my pen getting run over by a car — and to think positive thoughts whenever I begin to slip into a negative mood. This actually works surprisingly well: this summer, I began looking for the beauty in every person I met, and pretty soon I began to do this automatically. That whale of a woman? What gorgeous hair she has!

The other thing that has helped me feel better is running. I’ve taken it up again at the suggestion of my parents, and even though I’m only running for 10-15 minutes every night, and my energy has already increased. How paradoxical, that exercise would boost energy.

Heroes of the day: Douglas Hofstadter, Edward Tufte, and Richard Feynman.

26 Oct 2007 Uncategorized

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